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Past 5pm at jollibee nova susano, I order 2 order of 2pcs chicken joy, 1vm of palabok at solo order of burger, I ask if there's available of thigh part but the counter said only leg and breast, i order both leg part, she take the order and finish the transaction and she tell me about the bill, she didn't repeat my order I thought she place all my order. She gave me the with the pending no.

I wait for more than 10mins, and I ask 1 of the dinning staff to follow up my order. And she didn't come back to me. After 5 minutes I went to counter area and ask the counter to follow up my order. And I wait again.

Suddenly the manager came out and directly tell me that " sir hinde n po available ang leg ok Lang po bang breast part". I reply to the manager that " why she tell me that only leg and breast are available" he reply " sir nai-serve na po kc lahat ng leg ok Lang po bng 15 minutes po". I'm upset because they don't communicate each other, the counter she didn't follow the 7keys steps, one of the production crew was already tack out and without apron. Also one of the production crew was wearing hand gloves to pickup the chicken joy and he is also using the gloves while preparing other stuff.

The rider was also helping them preparing the foods, the manager came to me and give me my order only 1 order of 2pcs chicken joy. The counter was acting like nothing is happening. She didn't say anything to me. I was a regular crew of jollibee before that's why I know the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.

This is the first time I've done this. I don't want it but in this scenario. I'm sorry but the crew of the before and now it's big difference. I know ma'am Susan Zamora when I was on Jollibee mayon...

she was the area manager when i was regular crew.

Take a look the time of the recipe... thanks.

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Do share the standard recipe!

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